About Us

I love my home. My home makes me happy and it is the one place that I feel totally safe, serene and free. The is no other place on Earth like my home, it is unique to my family and me.
No one else has your home or your style. We can all say the styles we love, but we put our own stamp on those styles to form our own unique design that is truly our own. If I had to explain my style I guess I would say it is a blend of Victorian, mixed with Carribean, dusted with Hamptons, stirred with Hollywood, sprinkled with rock star, garnished with medieval and topped off with totally out there!
But it is me and I love it.
I have been a manufacturer of children's linen and custom made decorator pieces for the past 10 years and in that time I have learnt so much about fabrics, design and quality. Starting that business from scratch, sourcing suppliers, selecting fabrics, designing my own fabrics and creating my own pieces has helped me understand the interior industry and what is important to customers. I like being different and always original. We will always have our own unique style and that is the foundation of the brand.
In Winter 2017 Gryfiinwood Studio will be launching our very own range of limited edition cushion designs that will be available online and in retail stores. The collection has been designed from scratch by me, and reproduced overseas so we can extend our designs worldwide. The designs are different to anything else on the market. There will be a limited production of each design so you won't see it everywhere and that is why it is special. We will be adding a new collection every three months so our designs are fresh, unique and ever changing.

I am so excited to bring you the new range. Stay tuned....